Aspiring Ethical Hacking, penetration testing, scanning, Cloud security

Passionate about Ethical Hacking, penetration testing and Cloud security

Hello world!! My name is Charbel Saade, I have a strong passion about Cybersecurity and have done great stuff, if you want some proof please check my projects and certifications!!

What I’m working on



Cybersecurity professional
Private Clients, Kent, Ohio ,
Kent, Ohio, United states | January, 2022 - February, 2023

• Achieved a perfect success rate of 98% by Actively monitoring systems, detecting issues, and Successfully Stopping extortion attempts before any damage could be done. • Conducted security assessments for clients using industry-standard methodologies to identify vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors. • Troubleshooting specially if someone forgot the password and they cannot get in. Anything that they ask me to do I will do it and figure it out.

Rocky river, OHIO, United states | December, 2019 - February, 2023

• Completed 2,700+ orders with a 93% punctuality rate and a 95% success rate. • Emphasized the customer journey by providing clear communication and achieved an average rating of 4.60 out of 5 from customers. • Attained a consistently high level of proficiency in providing prompt and efficient service.

North Randall, OHIO, United States | December, 2022 - March, 2022

• Swiftly dispatched orders to patrons promptly, received high praise from 95% of supervisors and inquired about how to enhance the other 5%. • I have packaged orders for clients and kept them in the best chape so they may obtain them in perfect circumstance. • I’ve maintained a success charge of eighty% so clients can get hold of their orders on time.

Personal trainer
Anytime Fitness,
North Ridgeville, OHIO, United States | May, 2021 - August, 2021

• Advised clients on strength building, aerobic exercises, and stretching techniques, resulting in an 85% customer satisfaction rating. • Created and implemented inspiring exercise regimens to promote healthy decisions and was successful in convincing 70% of the customers to accept them. • Connected with the remaining 30% to determine their preferences and adapted training plans accordingly. • Over two months, worked with 15 customers each week and sold 10 deals.


Badges & Skills


Cybersecurity engineering
Kent state January, 2022 - August, 2024