5 Years Experienced Cybersecurity Professional

Learn about the expertise and track record of Charbel Saade, a dedicated and skilled cybersecurity professional with over 5+ years of experience in red team operations, computer network exploitation, and incident response.

1/1/20251 min read

In this blog post, discover how Charbel Saade leverages his proficiency in penetration testing and red teaming software frameworks such as Cobalt Strike and Kali Linux to execute hands-on technical assessments and attack operations in government and production environments. With a solid understanding of network technologies, protocols, and the OSI model, Charbel is capable of securing, configuring, deploying, and troubleshooting.

red and black abstract illustration
red and black abstract illustration
  • Led red teaming and computer network exploitation operations, achieving specific outcomes and milestones.

  • Managed incident response efforts, with a focus on host data acquisition and proactive threat hunting.

  • Implemented and utilized penetration testing frameworks, including Cobalt Strike, to identify and remediate vulnerabilities.

  • Conducted investigations into "living off the land" tactics, techniques, and procedures, enhancing overall threat intelligence.

  • Secured, configured, deployed, and troubleshooted major operating systems, significantly improving system resilience.

  • Developed and implemented effective social engineering and physical security penetration testing strategies.

  • Produced detailed cybersecurity assessment reports, delivering actionable insights and recommendations for informed decision-making.